Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2019

This year, nearly 90,000 developers told us how they learn and level up, which tools they’re using, and what they want.

2019 stackoverflow developer survey results are here. Main highlight of the survey is that python is, again, the fastest growing programming language.

Python is continuing to rank up. Every year it is surpassing another language, starting from php then c# and now java. I’ve used python professionally since 2012 and way before that, in 2001-2002, at university when I was a student. It really has an amazing ecosystem, plus the syntax is my favorite so far, without parenthesis and semicolons (and $) everywhere.

Rust is the most loved language again! I have no experience with rust and never even tried it at home. I know it is behind the new mozilla firefox browser and it is focused on safe concurrency and that’s all I know.

Thank you stackoverflow.

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