Working remotely is good

I really like working remotely from time to time as it boosts my performance and mood really good. I keep reading tons of content that supports the title of this post and another one of them is this one.

I don’t recommend working remotely 100% of the time as I think it impacts the health and social life in a negative way. At least if you really like your home (like me) and you start working from home, there’s a chance that you will never get out for extended periods of time and that’s not good. The best way to work remotely, like for many things, is to keep it balanced. You need to exercise, eat healthy food and socialize a bit to keep a clean and sane mind. Otherwise, you most likely will experience burnouts and will have a cloud of negative thoughts all the time in your head that you don’t know where it comes from. Keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle is also not easy to accomplish. Everyone has to try and fail a couple of times to find the right way for themselves.

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  1. D. says:

    Actually, i agree with you how good to work remotely when you need or couple of day of week. But I would like to remind you what you are also missing. The bosses or owners can expect from us to work remotely when we are on vacation,too which is not fair… But here is Turkey, we get used to that if they give us one piece of cake, they always take from us double or more…

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